"I will never forget the moment when I removed the eye bandage the morning following the surgery to my right eye. I started to focus, and within seconds could see that the trees were so green, the flowers so bright and vivid. 
The same joy was repeated a few weeks later following surgery to my left eye. Euphoric!!
I can now see clearly without glasses for the first time in over 30 years. I'm still smiling 3 months later when I look out of the window!"

JM, Nottingham
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Most Dedicated Consultant Award Logo Mr Alwitry wins Eye Surgeon of the Year Award 2017

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Case Studies

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premium lenses

Toric Trifocal Intraocular Lens 

A 69 year young lady came to see me with reduced vision in both eyes due to cataracts.  She was keen to have the cataracts removed but also wanted to achieve good intermediate and near vision. Read More...

Toric Premium Lens to Correct Astigmatism 

JM is a 57 year old lady who presented to Mr Alwitry with reduced vision in both eyes due to cataract. Read here how her experience of a toric premium lens in one eye compared to the monofocal lens in the other eye. 

"You have brought the colour back into my life"

This patient painted Mr Alwitry a beautiful watercolour to thank him for his recent surgery...

A Patient Complaint With a Difference...

Read what this 73 year old patient had to say about her bilateral cataract surgery under Mr Alwitry's care... >>

Bilateral Trifocal Toric Lenses

“It's like having a brand new pair of eyes. Absolutely fantastic. Thank you so very much. I’m glad I came to see you.”

Bilateral Trifocal Toric Premium Intraocular Lenses

“I am absolutely thrilled at how clearly I can now see at all ranges – near, intermediate and long-distance –after having trifocal toric lenses put in my eyes.

Trifocal Toric IOLs

For the first time in her life, this 47 year old lady from Nottingham can enjoy spectacle-free vision following bilateral Trifocal Toric lens implantation.